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I lost my photos and videos too… All i wanted was the videos of my little cousin and they’re all gone

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Literally had a fucking breakdown

I lost like all my shit on my phone…

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Well i don’t have cell service wtf


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Anonymous: What if your phone ends up messing up your computer

that is like nearly impossible and i’m pretty sure i have insurance on my computer¬†

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lucywhewall: I still love your blog and you're such a lovely genuine person to top it all off :))

aw thank you!

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i have my phone hooked up to my computer

it’s updating my phone i think and then i’ll see if my phone will work, i’m so scared and upset because i can’t afford to buy a new phone

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do iphones go on sale on black friday/cyber monday?

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ihaveabookonbirdss2: Loooove your blog xo


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Anonymous: I just would like to say, I came out to my boyfriend as bisexual a few days ago and he's okay with it. :) I thought he was going to be really upset or disgusted, but its fine and nothings changed. that's all. maybe it could inspire someone?? idk

yay i’m so proud of you and that is awesome!¬†

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